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Welcome To The World of Bend & Blaze

Elevated Yoga for The Conscious Yogi

High Friends! My name is Eliza Maroney, also knowns as The Cannabis Yogi.  

As a cannabis entrepreneur and dediated yogi, my mission is to offer cannabis-infused yoga classes that take elevated wellness rituals to new heights. Whether you are a beginning yogi or seasoned practitioner, know that you are home. Bend & Blaze is an all-levels class that focuses on alignment-based instruction. 

Cannabis. Recommended, not mandatory.

Whether you're a cannabis connoisseur or simply interested in learning more about plant medicine and how it can enhance your yogic practice, our classes are a safe place for you to explore and go deeper on a physical and spiritual level. 

May all love surround you. 


Meet The Cannabis Yogi

Green Bee Life Interview Eliza Maroney After An Exclusive Bend & Blaze Class in Beverly Hills.